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Our Organization is:

Aligned with The Global Heart Vision, United Church of Religious Science.  We express the following shared principles and practices:
       * God-centered and open to the impulse and guidance of Spirit
       * Inspired by our vision and directed by our shared values
       * Participatory and inclusive, encouraging grassroots activities

       * Based on collaborative decision making
       * Locally focused, globally expressed
       * Engaged in compassionate service and support within our organization, communities and world
       * Bringing forth enlightened citizens and spiritual leaders in service to global transformation

Imagine "a world that works for everyone….where poverty, hunger, homelessness, disenfranchisement and war no longer prevail; where forgiveness, compassion, nonviolence, respect, appreciation of beauty and the generous sharing of resources are the norm"......Imagine God at Play…..and the world as the playground!

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